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Exercise, now more than ever, is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. This is why going to a gym has become popular, as people attempt to maintain good health and well being. That said, how do you ensure that everyone who visits your gym stays gym members over your competition? We’ll tell you how: Cleanliness. 

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Darlene Hamilton
Darlene Hamilton
13:33 29 Oct 21
Oh Tanisha they did a great job. Moving into the new office space I thought i was going to have to throw the one... toilet away it was so bad but they brought it right back❤❤❤thank you!read more
Gerry Gibson
Gerry Gibson
19:06 30 Dec 20
TCE has been cleaning our offices for a while now, and they've been great! They're very quick to respond to phone calls... and texts, and whenever we have new requests they're very accommodating. Definitely recommend Tanisha and her more
Michael Rull
Michael Rull
07:15 03 Dec 20
Tanisha and her team were such a joy to work with. She exceeded my expectations and her standard of quality was sky... more
Alex Maier
Alex Maier
19:41 24 Nov 20
Tanisha and her company are awesome! We have three properties in which Tanisha cleans. She is very very reliable and... very thorough we are Very thankful for Tanisha. Does a great job! Highly, highly recommend!!read more
Kendall McCall
Kendall McCall
16:22 06 Sep 20
Great company they are friendly when they come to clean our facility. They are fast as well which is good but that does... not come as a sacrifice for the quality that they provide. Highly recommended!read more
Tim McGee
Tim McGee
17:32 24 Jul 20
Tanisha and her staff do an excellent job cleaning my commercial real estate office in High Point on a regular... schedule. They have been very accommodating during the pandemic to do extra disinfecting and to adjust our cleaning schedule to help us through the downtime. We can count on her cleaning staff to take care of details and make our office environment spotless and safe!read more
16:57 24 Jul 20
We partnered with True Clean Experience(TCE) to clean our entire facility. They have done an outstanding job with our... office/warehouse/manufacturing plant. We have found the entire team to be dependable, trustworthy, thorough on all tasks, and a pleasure to work with. We gladly recommend them if you should need a cleaning company that goes above and beyond. Standard Tools and more
John Manzanet
John Manzanet
16:29 24 Jul 20
Great Company, Great Leadership, Great Customer Service. Tanisha and Ervin are the tops in this industry. I have... recommended 3 clients to them and they have all been beyond pleased with their results as have I. Thank you Tanisha, you are the best Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Service company in Greensboro... Woot Hoot! Keep up the good more
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Keeping your gym clean and sanitary is of utmost importance to guarantee comfort and hygiene to your clients. Even with the best trainers and equipment, a fitness center is bound to lose clients when the environment is dirty. How then do you guarantee a spotless, odor-free, sterilized, and dirt-free workout environment? By hiring a professional gym cleaning services

 Gym Cleaning in Greensboro

There are many gym cleaning companies available in Greensboro, so the solution goes further than picking a service provider. You need a professional with experience and unrivaled attention to detail when cleaning. This way, you can eliminate odors permeating from locker rooms, messy stalls, repulsive sights, carelessly dropped paper towels, sweaty machines… Need I say more? 

Cleaning professionals use the right materials and equipment to thoroughly clean heavily used areas to eliminate mold, stains, harmful bacteria, and other germs in the commercial gym setting. Additionally, regular gym cleaning ensures that this level of sanitation is maintained. Cleaning professionals are also conversant with target locations where such germs settle, as well as effective cleaning solutions that will completely eliminate any traces of the same.  

The cost of ignoring the importance of gym cleaning as a top priority for your gym cannot be undermined. It will be the gap between new member enrollment and letting them join another fitness facility altogether  Take the pressure off your employees and manage your cleanliness better by choosing one of the leading gym cleaning companies in Greensboro. 

Inside Of A Cleaned Gym-Gym Cleaning

Here are some benefits of having gym cleaning services:

1. Safeguard the health of your gym-goers.

Many people touch the same surfaces, lie on the same equipment, and come into direct contact with one another during work out sessions. While you may not control people’s personal hygiene, you can remove any traces of sweat, and body fluids that could cause infection to your clients. A commercial cleaning company disinfects all surfaces, the floor included over and above cleaning it.

This way, you not only safeguard your business, but you care for your community in Greenboro. Remember that sensitive areas like washrooms need extra attention and disinfection. These spaces need regular cleaning, a complex job that can only be done with intricate planning and expertise from a specialized commercial gym cleaning company.

2. Aesthetics has a lot to do with Customer satisfaction. 

A clean and orderly gym goes further than health, it is enticing. Nothing feels great like a fresh, well-spaced, and clean gym before, during, and after working out. It is the boost that your clients need to wake up every day and take a spring on your treadmill. Keep your space picture-perfect at all times.

3. Safety is important for your staff and clients.  

Sure, dead skin cells, sweat, and dirt could cause bacteria and fungal infestations, but maintaining safety is not limited to health alone. Imagine a disorganized space with disorderly equipment, loose towels, water bottles, and clothes scattered everywhere. Additionally, imagine water spillage from a customer who brings their water bottle with them, and a number of slip and fall accidents could happen. 

It would only be a matter of time before bad accidents happen when people slip and fall on the haphazardly kept heavy machinery. Clothes and towels could also trip customers, as well as slime due to poor surface cleaning, which could lead to gruesome accident aftermath. This could create a very bad image for your gym, as more and more members are injured. 

4. Top-Notch Cleanliness is maintained even in high customer turnovers.

As the importance of fitness continues to grow, more and more people are bound to enroll into your fitness program. While you may choose to tackle your own cleaning needs, this may lead to a reduction in businesses from the loss of customers. This is because cleaning in such high traffic situations is a handy job and requires the right cleaning company to maintain sanitary conditions at all times of the day. Furthermore, experienced and courteous staff recognize the importance of carrying out a thorough cleaning with minimal disruption to a business operation.

TCE Commercial Cleaning – The True Clean Experience

TCE Commercial Cleaning is your trusted veteran-owned and 5-star commercial cleaning services ready to restore and maintain the hygiene and cleanliness of your fitness center. With us, you are assured of superior quality of janitorial services, dependable labor, regularly scheduled inspections to supervise the quality of work, and safe cleaning procedures using all the necessary equipment. Allow us to be the difference you need for your Gyms, Spas, and Fitness Centers.