Keep Your School Clean with a Professional Cleaning Company

High traffic education institutions like schools, daycares, universities, and colleges need exemplary commercial cleaning services for hygiene and cleanliness to be maintained. From classrooms, cafeterias, libraries, and restrooms, there are many factors to consider to reduce cross-contamination of germs from one person to another. Many institutions have opted for solutions like personal hygiene which involves practicing hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, but nothing makes a difference as much as commercial school cleaning services do. 

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Darlene Hamilton
Darlene Hamilton
13:33 29 Oct 21
Oh Tanisha they did a great job. Moving into the new office space I thought i was going to have to throw the one... toilet away it was so bad but they brought it right back❤❤❤thank you!read more
Gerry Gibson
Gerry Gibson
19:06 30 Dec 20
TCE has been cleaning our offices for a while now, and they've been great! They're very quick to respond to phone calls... and texts, and whenever we have new requests they're very accommodating. Definitely recommend Tanisha and her more
Michael Rull
Michael Rull
07:15 03 Dec 20
Tanisha and her team were such a joy to work with. She exceeded my expectations and her standard of quality was sky... more
Alex Maier
Alex Maier
19:41 24 Nov 20
Tanisha and her company are awesome! We have three properties in which Tanisha cleans. She is very very reliable and... very thorough we are Very thankful for Tanisha. Does a great job! Highly, highly recommend!!read more
Kendall McCall
Kendall McCall
16:22 06 Sep 20
Great company they are friendly when they come to clean our facility. They are fast as well which is good but that does... not come as a sacrifice for the quality that they provide. Highly recommended!read more
Tim McGee
Tim McGee
17:32 24 Jul 20
Tanisha and her staff do an excellent job cleaning my commercial real estate office in High Point on a regular... schedule. They have been very accommodating during the pandemic to do extra disinfecting and to adjust our cleaning schedule to help us through the downtime. We can count on her cleaning staff to take care of details and make our office environment spotless and safe!read more
16:57 24 Jul 20
We partnered with True Clean Experience(TCE) to clean our entire facility. They have done an outstanding job with our... office/warehouse/manufacturing plant. We have found the entire team to be dependable, trustworthy, thorough on all tasks, and a pleasure to work with. We gladly recommend them if you should need a cleaning company that goes above and beyond. Standard Tools and more
John Manzanet
John Manzanet
16:29 24 Jul 20
Great Company, Great Leadership, Great Customer Service. Tanisha and Ervin are the tops in this industry. I have... recommended 3 clients to them and they have all been beyond pleased with their results as have I. Thank you Tanisha, you are the best Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Service company in Greensboro... Woot Hoot! Keep up the good more
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For a school to carry out its duties effectively, cleanliness has to be adhered to. It fosters a healthy environment, instills positive attitudes towards cleanliness, and creates a good image, which is good for business. Above all, it is a counterattack on the potential of educational facilities to turn into breeding grounds for fast-moving germs. Here are some school facility cleaning services that we offer to residents of Greensboro:

Daycare Cleaning Services Greensboro

Children and older people are without a doubt at a greater risk of infection by harmful microbes due to their low immunity. As such, preschools and daycares have one major role when it comes to the health of the children: keeping all of them protected against harmful microbes by way of cleaning. Additionally, a proficient janitorial service company knows the importance of kid-friendly cleaning strategies. That said, all disinfectants and detergents used are safe to maintain a spotless and non-toxic environment. 

Cleaning should also be rigorous to ensure that all surfaces, carpets, play equipment, furniture, and bathroom fixtures are sanitary. Apart from this, we focus on indoor air quality, since children are known to regularly make messes, which can lead to clammy and stuffy classrooms. With a company that meets all OSHA standards and is fully certified, safeguard the health of your kids by enrolling in an expert school cleaning program.

Inside Of A Daycare-Daycare Cleaning-Commercial Cleaning Greensboro High Point NC-True Clean Experience-2307 West Cone Blvd Suite G, Greensboro NC 27408

School and University Cleaning Services

Older children and young adults may not be as vulnerable as toddlers and younger children but are prone to infection from highly populated areas too. This is why schools and universities require extreme efficiency in cleaning. Cleaning schools and universities has its fair share of challenges. Common areas, for example, call for extra attention on elevator buttons, switched, door handles, and railings to prevent the spread of germs. 

Other comprehensive services involve cleaning of classroom furniture, boards, and office amenities. Yet another challenging aspect of school cleaning is washroom cleaning and disinfection. Viruses and fungi could easily spread from toilet seats and washroom handles, leading to a disease outbreak. This calls for special attention to the wet areas of the school. 

Additional school cleaning services include cleaning of outdoor spaces, locker rooms, gyms, and even conference facilities. It can be quite tedious, which is why professional building cleaning is non-negotiable for education facilities.

Outside of A School-School Cleaning-Commercial Cleaning Greensboro High Point NC-True Clean Experience-2307 West Cone Blvd Suite G, Greensboro NC 27408-

Why should you enroll in School Cleaning Services?

Cleaning requirements for daycares, schools, colleges, and universities call for experience, expertise, dedication, and professionalism. They tend to be more demanding than any other type of business and institution. With reliable school cleaning services, however, the work is made easier. Here are the top benefits of clean school environments:

1. Keeps Everyone Healthy. 

Infectious diseases spread easily in crowded places, especially if the cleaning standard is below the bar. To control the rate of infection spread from a sick person, a safe environment has to be maintained through cleaning. This is especially the case in daycares where the little ones are vulnerable and are oblivious to personal hygiene. Sanitary conditions also protect your staff members, parents, and visitors who come into contact with the institution’s premises. 

Teachers will, therefore, take less sick day leaves, just like fewer students will take sick days. This means a reduction in absenteeism, saving on the time required to cover syllabi. Additionally, allergies, cases of flu, and asthma are reduced, creating a safe environment for those who are vulnerable. 

2. Productivity is Enhanced.

Odor-free, clutter-free, and germ-free areas enhance productivity by maintaining peace of mind and saving valuable time that could otherwise be spent cleaning. Teachers particularly have enough time to plan their lessons, pay special attention to students who need it, and time for personal space. This way, they will always be at the top of their teaching game. 

3. Better Learning Experience. 

Statistics show that students in a clean environment have positive attitudes towards learning. They also look forward to school, and in general, perform better. Enroll in school cleaning services near me to maintain the quality of the environment for better performance. You will also instill the value of cleanliness to your students, a lesson they will appreciate throughout their lives. This also fosters positive parental involvement since they would want to be associated with an outstanding environment.

Keep Your School Clean with a Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleanliness in educational institutions goes beyond the surface level. You need disinfection, regular janitorial services, and regular cleaning to maintaining the high standards of cleanliness. With professional services from TCE Commercial Cleaning – The True Clean Experience, you can sit back and enjoy the smell of fresh air and the sight of sparkling surfaces, not to mention the healthy, lively students!